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Fly Golden Eagle

Almond Milk is Fly Golden Eagle's first release of 2021 and is the double single and 7” limited print of two singles via Telefono. The songs were recorded at Niles City Sound in Fort Worth, Texas, studio home of Leon Bridges.

The two psych-rock tinged songs that make up Almond Milk are of a different vibration than the songs on their last full-length release, Leprechauns' Milk (2020, Soft Junk/Blacktooth Records), though they were culled from the same sessions in time. Their titles are "Sheila" and "Stepping Out".

Fly Golden Eagle was formed in Nashville by singer, guitarist Ben Trimble and includes Matt Shaw (Bass), Richard Harper (Drums), Ricardo Alessio (Keyboards), Alejandro Santoyo (Percussion). Fly Golden Eagle is an unlicensed New Thought minister and has an extensive background in drilling holes in the tops of baseball bats and stringing them up flagpoles with red lace. As well as wine. Fly Golden Eagle has appeared on many stages and many popular radio shows around the world, mainly in the United States and United Kingdom. Fly Golden Eagle is based near bodies of water.

Fly Golden Eagle
Almond Milk