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Passion Fruit Boys

Conor, a reclusive songwriter, and Duncan - a multi instrumentalist, are united by a belief in the ambitious spirit of popular music - songs to bring people together. Effortlessly cinematic and fresh-feeling, their sound forgets itself in a halcyon promise of new beginning, almost before the tears have dried - but never strays too far from the catchy heartsick refrain baked into its gooey center. Real art with integrity and a chip on its shoulder - yet, at its most innocent and cunning! Their maiden voyage is an attempt to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks - but everything is sticking. It’s a story you will want to hear and an impossible secret to keep. Songs that beg to be played louder and louder! Ripe tunes for old and young, morning, night, before, after and during! Where are they from? Who cares! Best of friends! Peas in a pod! Hot rods and campfires, a raft made of wood! Come now, and bear witness to the supple intersection of life and loneliness, as represented by an assortment of hand crafted vibrations sure to conjure up unbridled feelings of nostalgia for many sweet moments to come. Be sure to stream their debut single “Easy” out now on Telefono.