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Oberhofer - Smothered Deluxe Bundle





Oberhofer's Smothered Deluxe LP bundle with blue and white splatter vinyl (limited 250 units).

Bundle Includes the splatter blue LP, baby blue hat, handwritten postcard from Brad, 7" single, and choice of white or black t-shirt design.

Smothered is co-produced by Jonathan Rado and Brad Oberhofer. Mixed by Andrew Sarlo. Mastered by Emily Lazar.

1. Smothered

2. In The Blink Of An Eye (Time Passes By)

3. All I Want (feat. Teddy Geiger)

4. Miss Yr Face

5. Dreaming Of U

6. Entering The Dream

7. SUNSHiiNE (feat. Shamir, Nick Valensi)

8. What Does It Mean To Me?

9. Let It Go

10. Friends In Heaven